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Portfolio Allocation

Current Policy Allocation (FY21 - Present)

Effective July 1, 2020, RSIC began implementing a simplified Policy Portfolio consisting of five asset classes. The Policy Portfolio reflects the Commission's long-term mix of assets it believes produces the investment return necessary to support benefit payments to our current and future retirees. RSIC staff also adds value by managing the mix of assets to take advantage of changing economic and market conditions. In addition, RSIC’s investment approach is predicated upon prudently managing costs and fees and ensuring that our investment portfolio is risk-focused and diversified.

View our SIOP for more detail on the simplified asset allocation and its appropriate benchmarks.

Public Equity
Private Equity
Private Debt
Real Assets

Historical Asset Allocation

While the Systems' investment performance was historically constrained by state constitution and state statue, the Commission has approved a number of changes to the portfolio's target asset allocation.