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Portfolio Allocation

The RSIC Policy Asset Allocation Through Time

While the Systems' investment performance was historically constrained by state constitution and state statue, the Commission has approved a number of changes to the portfolio's target asset allocation.

RSIC Policy Asset Allocation Through Time
*Summarizes the asset allocation of the Retirement Systems' trust funds from inception through the most recent fiscal year periods.

Current Policy Allocation

The Policy Asset Portfolio reflects the Commission's current day decisions on the optimal mix of assets to best achieve the long-term stated return objectives. Our RSIC staff also adds value to the portfolio by actively managing the mix of assets against the curent economic environment, business cycle, and market conditions. With the help of retained investment consultants, the RSIC manages investments across an asset allocation designed to generate attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns at a prudent level of risk.
Diversified Credit
Conservative Fixed Income
Real Assets

*September 30, 2017